About WOinactie

WOinActie is a movement that defends the interests of university education and the link with scientific research, which is under great pressure due to substantial long-term cutback and a rapid increase in student numbers.
WOinActie is a national platform for local action united by the following three demands:
  • abolishment of the efficiency cuts of 183 million euros.
  • restoration of the government funding to the level of 2000.
  • abolishment of the lumpsum cut of 19 million euros.

  • WOinActie is a community of students and employees that defends the univerity and her future. Information of our upcoming actions can be found here.

    Currently WOinActie is supported by the following organisations: De FNV, ISO, PNN, de Jonge Akademie, De LSVb, Platform Hervorming Nederlandse Universiteiten, AOb, Rethink VU, the VSNU and the Executive Boards of all the universities in the Netherlands, see below for a number of expressions of support: More will follow. Keep an eye on our posts or our Facebook if you want to be notified of our upcoming events! You can subscribe to us by pressing the button 'abboneren' or you can enlist! Our contactinformation can be found here.

    Not convinced yet? Read this opinion article of members of WOinactie from Utrecht.