Actions & Material


To promote WOinActie we made a couple of slides, that you can add to your lecture. Promote our cause with them! You can find other Dutch and English promotion material of WOinActie (posters, flyers) in our shared Google Drive. Look below for an example:

Upcoming/Current actions

  • Demonstration in The Hague
    Since the Minister of Education has not honored our demands to abolish the cut-backs on university education and research and as tinvestments are still not being made into education, we will organize a demonstration on December 14th at 13:00. The demonstration will start at the Koekamp in The Hague. This action is supported by an increasing number of executive boards. Join this action, wear a read square, come to The Hague, join us, and don't let the uni perish! The schedule of the demonstration is as follows:
    13.10: opening of the demonstration with a speech of Rens Bod and Geertje Hulzebos
    13.20: warm up with music of Benjamin Fro
    13.30: start of route from Koekamp
    14.30: return to the Koekamp
    14.40: closing speech of Marijtje Jongsma on behalf of the VAWO and FNV
    14.50: music of Benjamin Fro

    A number of executive boards has promised to arrange buses to the demonstration, or to not uphold the attendence on this day. A number of form to enlist for buses is below. Is your university not listed here? Inform at your local contact person how this is arranged at your university.
    Universiteit Utrecht
    Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
    Universiteit van Amsterdam
    Vrije Universiteit

  • Petition on deGoedeZaak
    WOinactie wants to call on everyone, outside and inside of the universities, to support our cause and to sign our petition on DeGoedeZaak! If you cannot attend our demonstration upcoming 14th of December at 13h in The Hague, you can support us in this way!

  • Want to help out? Contact the delegation in your own city. Keep an eye on this blog or our Facebook for announcements!

    Past actions

  • De actionweek from Monday 24th of september to friday 28th of september
    The actionweek from On Prinsjesdag the ultimatum expired that WOinActie had put to Minister Van Engelshoven last May 22nd. The demands(existing plans for buget cuts on academic education have to put off, and a additional structural investment of 1.15 billion per year) have not been met, and therefore the national action week has taken place from Monday 24 September to Friday 28 September.
    During the national action week, lectures were taught outside at the University of Amsterdam, the Utrecht University, Radboud University Nijmegen, VU University, Leiden University and the University of Groningen to draw attention to:
    the cofrom Monday 24 September to Friday 28 September.continual budget cuts on scientific education (doelmatigheidskorting, lumpsumkorting),the ever-increasing workload, and the crowded lectures at a lot of programs

  • Opening of the academic year 2018
    Across the country teachers and students have worn read squares at the opening of the academic year.

  • Letter to the minister of Education, Science and Culture on the 22th of May
    On the 22th of May a letter was sent to the minister by members of WO-inactie, FNV, ISO, VAWO, LSVb, and H.NU to set an ultimatum for the policitions to meet the following demands: 1. The doelmatigheidskorting has to dissappear and 2. there have to be net, structural investments in Scientific education in the form of university teachers. In the letter the actionweek was announced. The original letter can be found here.